Cuidar das pessoas

Pra cuidar e demonstrar amor ao próximo precisamos usar máscara pois é a vacina que temos para não transmitir o convid 19 .Olha que legal o que encontrei .

Uma máscara especial muito eficaz,vejam

Essa máscara tem certificacda pela ANVISA
Máscara e ÍONS de prata o sobre a certificação da Anvisa

Possui também mais duas certificações ,veja ! !

Certificação de qualidade

E ainda :

Certificação ambiental

Agora você deve estar se perguntando como fazer para adquirir a minha? Para que você adquira a sua por r$ 260 frete grátis é só você entrar em contato pelo telefone 55 34 9 996 77 2220 , que você vai receber no conforto de sua casa deixa aqui abaixo : Eu quero! Nos comentários que iremos enviar para você

wp-1585743676883.gif seja admirador da natureza

Veja quanto o céu está mais azul, observando o céu vemos que durante esse período que estamos vivendo, mesmo diante de tantas coisas ruins conseguimos avistar pontos positivos ossel está mais azul devido o isolamento social e isso implica que menos poluição céu mais azul olhe para o céu hoje veja as nuvens parecendo o blocos de algodão, parecendo flocos de algodão doce aquele que que você comia quando era criança ele derretia na boca. O céu está lindo ,

Não deixe que as ocupações do dia, na correria faça você deixar de admirar ah beleza na natureza que Deus criou vá para um lugar onde você consiga ver o amanhecer o cor do Sol e sentir a brisa na pele e fecha os olhos e respire bem fundo e diga em seu pensamento com toda sinceridade do seu coração o quanto você é feliz e diz obrigado meu Deus verdadeiro que criou tudo isso para humanidade, obrigado pelo ar que respiro nesse momento ,por todas as minhas conquistas, pelos filhos ,esposa, marido e e enfim todos família. Sinta isso verdadeiramente forte dentro de você e continue agradecendo todos os dias que você fará e as coisas vão melhorar cada dia mais,faça o teste você mesmo. Faça isso e comente aqui abaixo nos comentários quando você sentiu aguardo seu comentário aqui um grande forte abraço e até breve

Tudo vai ficar bem

Acreditar que vai melhorar e fundamental pra alimentar a nossa fé.

Mantenha a mente ocupada com coisas boas que sua energia mudar de de Estado de desconforto para um patamar de boas vibrações .

O pensando positivo tem poder de mudar as coisas e fazer tudo se organizar e colecionar grandes resultados .

O pensamento sozinho já tem bons resultados e seguido de sentimentos nos motiva a seguir adiante e se tornar um vencedor.


Hello Ediwon,

We have published a new product on our website: Mirror Trading International – Step by Step Sign Up

You can view it from this link:

Mirror International Trading Step by step sign up
How to sign up to Mirror Trading International – Your step by step guide.
Earlier, in my last post, I introduced Mirror Trading International to my fellow subscribers. Today we will discuss Mirror Trading International – Step by Step Sign Up.

Many of my subscribers have joined my WhatsApp group to find out how they can achieve financial freedom during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Millions of people around the globe have been affected by Covid-19. Loved ones have lost their families, been under quarantine, millions have lost their jobs. This pandemic has caused the world to be under immense stress.

So Many Questions And Thoughts Are Running Wild In Our Heads.
Have I been in contact with someone who has tested Covid positive? How will the isolation, quarantine or treatment affect my income and budget?
The company I work for has closed down, I’ve just lost my job, how will I provide for my family?
What will the future be like for my children?
I have savings that I have to dip into to survive these hard times. Paying off debt, my house, school fees, vehicle finance, medical, and the list goes on and on. Never mind all the other basic daily needs. How will I ever recuperate them?
What will You do?

We can help, We’ve been through it. I want to share with you and the rest of the world that there is a solution to our financial problems right now during this pandemic which we are growing through, the best part is you don’t need thousands to start off with. Put in what you can afford whether it’s a start of $20, $50, or $100, if you have thousands to spare then this is just right for you too . Heck, you don’t even need to have any trading skills or market knowledge.

This is an opportunity I do not want you to miss out on. Do you know what is even better, this is something you will want to share with your family and friends too. Why? Because you love them and you want them to succeed and have financial freedom too.

Daily Trading Income Mirror International
My advice is to try and add a little bit more to your investment each month as you can. Averaging about 0.45% daily you can grow your bitcoin investment with Mirror Trading International in no time.

Step By Step How To Sign Up With Mirror Trading International
1. Register and create your MTI Account
It’s free to sign up and you have 7 days in which to fund your account. Accounts that have not been funded within the 7 days are automatically deleted. You can however sign up again should you have the funds to do so.

2. Open a Luno account
Luno is used to purchase BTC in a few countries and is the most popular exchange in South Africa. You will then deposit FIAT (eg. USD, ZAR, etc.) currency from your Bank account into your Luno account and then exchange it for BTC

Here is a list of recommended exchanges where one can purchase Bitcoin.

South Africa
United Kingdom
United states
New Zealand
Check out these 2 �� reliable sites for BTC purchases using credit/debit cards. Both require KYC docs.

How to Open a Luno Account
How to open and setup a Luno account

How to buy Bitcoin using Luno

3. How to Transfer BTC from Luno to MTI

4. How to set up 2FA with Luno
I like to use the Authy App for my two factor security. You should also make sure to set up your two factor in your MTI account. VERY IMPORTANT!!!! You can download Authy from the app store.

In short, this is the process for signing up with Mirror Trading International. a tested step by step guide for joining MTI and moving forward to achieve financial freedom, for you and everyone you know and would like to help.

Hit the subscribe button so you do not miss out on updates.

Over the next few weeks I will go into more detail on the following:
Trading Profits
Daily Confirmations
The Optional Referral Program
Qualifying for Bonuses
What is Binary vs Leadership Binary
Binary Profit Share
Binary Qualified
Weekly Binary Profit-Sharing Bonuses
Levels for Binary Bonuses
The Leadership Profit Share
How to get Leadership Binary Qualified
Leadership Bonuses
P1/P2 Qualification Structure
When are Bonuses Paid
Disclaimer MTI
“This document was prepared and released by Kay Keene on in my personal capacity. The opinions, views and content expressed in this article are my own and do not necessarily reflect the view/s of MirrorTrading International (Pty) Ltd. This is not an official statement released by Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd and I hereby indemnify Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd.”

Before I love and leave you I’d like to share the following worksheet. It is strictly a calculator to help you plan your investment strategy.

It is only a set of formulae that accurately works out compounding/daily growth. In no way are the results guaranteed as it cannot predict the future.

It was neither designed by or MTI and we have no ownership of it. We can use historical averages to see how things would turn out if the current and past trends continue.

In this case, MTI has grown our bitcoin between 0.4% and 0.5% daily average over the last year, and with bitcoin growth leveraging the difference therefore 0.5% is my choice as a daily baseline, you may adjust it and any other amounts that are editable as you see fit. Adjusting anything else would render the worksheet useless.

Have fun and remember never invest what you can’t do without.

How to use the spreadsheet

Feel free to ask any questions and share your experiences in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our whatsapp group where you will be notified about the next live webinar. Webinars take place between Monday and Friday.

Thanks & Regards,


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